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Date: Wed 28 Jan 2004 - 21:07:18 GMT

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    > [Kenneth van Oost:]
    > > Not only he [Bruce] is chopping populations (where a memetic
    > > process could emerge) into credible... and non-credible
    > > individuals, ...he argues that their behaviour should
    > > (NEED to) be credible in the first place! That troubles me
    > > What is a credible individual_ an intellectual or someone
    > > working the rice- fields of Cambodia !?
    > There are many different definitions of "credible". In this case, I think
    > Bruce is bang-on. Let me explain why.

    Hi there,

    Yes I see your point and it is well taken, but my initial concern still stands! I don 't think either it was Bruce his intention to chop up people, it was and is my own interpretation of what was written.

    But, in the end, who are the credible people !? What is a credible behavior, how credible must it be !? What is the definition !? Equals " credible " ' on average' here ' !? How is it measured !?

    Still with your definition at hand, I don 't find my concern covered....

    Best regards,


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