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From: Price, Ilfryn (
Date: Wed 28 Jan 2004 - 16:20:42 GMT

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    >>the problem I have with the whole discussion is that
    we have abused the word token meme such that it seems to mean whatever a user thinks is convenient at the time>>

    Who is this 'we'

    The 'meme' meme (or word token, or semiotic sign or signifier) has found a replication space in the convertsations on this list and elsewhere. From an original selfish meme perspective success equals repetions of that word token. Fidelity of meaning (or signified) is not essential pro-tem. It may however ultimately limit the spread of this particular meme, especially, as you say, in more serious research because of the variety of meaning attributed. This is the 'meme' meme abusing us but contributing to its longer term downfall.

    The field of management fashions research has similar examples. I can send references if you wish.




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