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Date: Tue 27 Jan 2004 - 18:39:52 GMT

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    Along these lines, list members who haven't done so may wish to read Neal Stephenson's SNOWCRASH. It is not only in part about language and memes, but offers several strong visions of the future. And it is a great read.


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      I'm touched by how the series "The X-Men" deals on the culturgen of mutation. In the movies versions, it comes easier to mind that the story provokes mutation or at least effects the culturgen about biological mutation or effects the culturgen on culturgen.

      The firs movie of the series deals about how governants deal with public opinion in the matters of the mutants. In doing so, it shows how governants deal (and mutate, or least differ from other versions) the culturgen of mutation.
      There are the normal people, the good mutants and the bad mutants.

      Well, this is meant to be just a comment, an attention on the effects of showing hi-tech cultural products. At all, I won't go ahead in analysing this. Just wanted to share some thoughts. This is the list to do it.


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