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Date: Tue 27 Jan 2004 - 19:36:48 GMT

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    > Since we are dealing with human culture, not nature, this point is clearly
    > bogus. There's no such thing as "culture" without mentality. Without a
    > human mind to interpret it, a painting is just so many pigments and a song
    > just so many soundwaves. It's all in the mind, folks. If you don't like
    > that, go to another field.


    IMO, there is a twist and turn here- a spaceshuttle can be interpreted being the logical evolutionary form of the arrow, the flashlight, the V1- V2, Apollo 11.

    There are 2 paralle lines of evolution, that of the artefact itself and the one of the interpretation of what we see regarding its form. For some an aeroplane is still the great iron bird in the sky.

    All is indeed IN the mind, but not all is due TO the mind. The interpretation, however is cognitive each way you turn a different corner, that the spaceshuttle is a complex rocket is due to cultural/ social/ scientific conjecture, not something my mind made up.

    It has been " placed " in there, it came from the external, I heard about it, read about it, learned about it, understood it, studied it,....

    Evolution of the artefact is indeed partly ' mind ' ( however could it evolve in the first place), but is also induced by the environment_ if we back in the ol' days looked up to the moon, we wanted to go there. Was this ' mind ' or ' environment ' !?



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