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Date: Tue 27 Jan 2004 - 20:44:44 GMT

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    Thanks for your comment and of course you are right expressing your concerns regarding my writings. But anyway, it was just another fine example to get my message across_ nothing more and nomore less.

    But my initial comment was to express my concern, like M. Lissack did before me, with this ' taken- for- granted- attitude of some meme- bers. The last meme isn 't been said, far from it, but some think it has ! If something whatever is expressed that goes against their inner beliefs and convictions, they even aren 't willing to listen.

    If ideas are at the very source of history life, it is possible to imagine that one can change society/ culture by combatting false ideas with true ones, but the falsity of our ideas, we might say, is part of the
    ' truth ' of a whole material condition. And what would it mean, if I say that the falsity of my ideas as opposed to their meaning for the whole of the memepool, were true or false !? Would it matter !?



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