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Date: Mon 26 Jan 2004 - 19:25:12 GMT

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    > Bruce raised serious issues about the future of
    > memetics. You ignore them and defend your point by
    > stating that "memes" means.... well it is not the idea
    > of memes whose future was challenged it was the idea
    > that there is a serious study and science of memes
    > called memetics.

    << Most list- memebers will ignore the fact that something else can replicate external to the mind, you challenge their conviction in the memeinthemind- hypothesis !

    If I sit down on the bench marked Whites Only, by the act of sitting on it, I propagated, replicated racistic memes. The memeplex, so to speak, is in the bench, not in my head. Memes are somehow inscribed in the situation itself. Although, all performative acts involve cognition of some kind. Some list- memebers will take this as a form of synecdoche, they take the part for the whole. Cognition is a part, not the general picture. That is their problem. And I am stuck in the middle....



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