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Date: Mon 26 Jan 2004 - 08:08:56 GMT

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    > I don't know that memetics needs to advance. I'm quite happy with it as
    > I make decisions knowing that anything I say or write has the potential to
    > spread, and that there are things I can do to make that more or less
    > I recognize replicating bits of culture and their potential usefulness or
    > danger. I explain to other people how to do that. I really don't have any
    > feeling one way or the other about semiotic signs but every few months
    > somebody comes in here and for some reason tries to redefine "meme." I or
    > someone else generally pipes up, if only for the record.


    With all do respect, I think that is just the problem ! That you are quite happy with the present assertion is your prerogative, but you all start from the assumption that there isn 't any meme left to talk about !

    Memetics, IHMO has far more potential than just being a theorum. We all discussed where the meme, if there in one, resides_ in the mind or not. Wade, for one, argued that another concept, performance, has potential. His scheme was laughed away as onrealistic and nonsensial. Bruce and Michael opened once again the discours about it, memetics, like it has being been, has a fundamental problem with what the ' meme ' actually stands for.

    Staying there in the central of the memetic storm is no solution, we need to discuss this. You above all, must indulge the need that some people feel the desire to redefine what stands for the meme. That is not against anything, rethinking the concept could eloborate us further. There is no need that we won 't discuss what the future of meme- tics might be!

    The only thing that I am sure of, is that the concept of memetics is not and may not be static. I have the odd feeling that you and others, for whatever reason, concede to the point that there isn 't any meme to discuss. I think you are wrong in that regard. Either you or me can concede that all is said and done. If it is so, than memetics stays like it is, a theorum with no depht and with no future, and all our efforts would be have for nothing. But that too could be a meme's way.....

    Regard anyway,


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