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Date: Mon 26 Jan 2004 - 07:44:16 GMT

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    > It was Bruce who wrote that not I, but I agree with
    > him. How are you going to demonstrate an "in mind"
    > mechanism? You can assert that communication happens
    > but what in the world is an in mind mechanism? In the
    > absence of mechanism how do you distinguish between
    > the meme as replicator and meme as a sign of something
    > else which replicates?


    That something could be taken in terms that the meme can be seen as the semiotic sign of a performance being performed. What has been performed in what way and how the performance has evolved over time can be tested !

    We can observe the phenotypic effect of the meme/ performance and from that deduce what kind of ( symbolic) structure has pro- pagated/ replicated/ or whatever !



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