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Date: Sat 24 Jan 2004 - 21:01:39 GMT

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    At 11:38 AM 24/01/04 -0800, Ted wrote:


    >That chimps are known . . . .

    I started to respond, but there are so many factual errors it just doesn't seem worth it.

    If you want to know what is really known about these subjects, one of the best places is MOTHER NATURE: A HISTORY OF MOTHERS, INFANTS AND NATURAL SELECTION BY SARAH BLAFFER HRDY,

    And, of course, the works of Jane Goodall.

    But the idea of war only being 12,000 years old has no real support. Any time humans run up against ecological limits you are going to see war, and our line has been doing that for millions of years.

    Keith Henson

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