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Date: Sat 24 Jan 2004 - 16:28:21 GMT

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      Bruce's 3 Challenges
        Challenge 1: A conclusive case study

        The purpose of this is to clearly demonstrate that there is at least one cultural process that is of an evolutionary nature, where `evolutionary' is taken in a narrow sense. This needs to be robust against serious criticism. In my opinion this needs to achieve the following as a minimum.

        Exhibit a replicator mechanism - this needs to be something physical and not in the mind.


        That some list- members have problems with your article has far more to do with

        what is written above ! That memetics is seen as a replicative mechanism is far

        beyond doubt, but for most it is process of and within the mind.

        That now, you suggest that the replicator mechanism ( of memes) is not in the

        mind is something that some won 't strive upon.

        Something to consider !?



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