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Date: Thu 22 Jan 2004 - 21:02:33 GMT

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    >the question is do memes replicate or are they the semiotic sign of
    >something else that replicates?

        <<Are you saying that we 're looking at the wrong marker !?
        That the genes that we end up with are NOT important, but the
        ones left out ( a kind of Apoptosis) are !?
        That thus the memes we end up ( the meme of racism) is NOT
        important but what it leaves behind ( flow, meanings, characte-
        ristics, pressures, social orders,...) is !?

        Looks to me as an obvious thought !

        Following your line of thinking I would agree with the notion that
        then memes " live " ' by having a life by '...but than I sway again
        direction ' performative acts ' for the propagation of the meme-
        as- sign for something else/ replicator.

        The meme of racism has no success if NOONe is sitting on the
        park bench saying " whites only ". It is an empty reminder of
        something existing without its performative assumptions for what
        it stands for, or can, or will.....



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