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Date: Wed 21 Jan 2004 - 23:41:52 GMT

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    M. Lissack,

    > the question is do memes replicate or are they the semiotic sign of
    > something else that replicates?
    > if they do not directly replicate then we can instead consider their role
    > catalysts which effect the success, resilience, and replication of the
    things of
    > which the memes are semiotic signs
    > memes as replicators has been a marvelous way to talk about memes but
    > not a useful approach for research or prediction (thus Bruce's three
    > challenges)
    > if memetics can meet Bruce's challenges without a redefinition great -- i
    > not believe it can and so have offered an alternative

    Can you explain how substituting memes-as-replicators with memes-as-signs of replicators enables causal explanation and prediction?

    I've read the article, and it's just not clear to me.


    Ted Dace

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