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Date: Tue 13 Jan 2004 - 19:49:06 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- Vincent,
    > To give an example from a few years ago (1999 I think), the Brixton
    > bomber- the lone nut who set off three nail bombs in london locations
    > targeting asian, black, and homosexual communities, initially confused the
    > security services, and the media. I recall an early news report in a
    > serious newspaper after the first bomb that must of mentioned about at
    > half a dozen possible suspect groups that might have done it- including
    > Serbs upset about the kosovan war, right wing groups in the UK, islamic
    > fundamentalists, and various organised crime groups from around the world.

    >> Yes, this is right, the greatest thread for such agencies are the loners,
    individuals like the shoe- bomber, anyway he tried....even in the US this is recognized as a major security problem. IIRC, a month ago the FBI arrested a couple, having there home stacked with chemicals and other stuff to blast a whole town away. Crime grouops have their own specific " methods ", loners are far more difficult to pin point and to track them down.

    > Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that there are discourses around
    > issues that dominate the way people structure events, issues and their
    > of being understood, addressed and resolved which are shaping the way
    > threats post 9/11 are being represented and interpreted, and those
    > discourses (or memeplexes, perhaps) stem from the cold war.

    << Not only that have been changed since 9 / 11, but the way people must structure events must indulge a new anthropology of violence and thus of cruelty, like Susan Sontag argues.

    " How do you call a victim which has become active, ( suicide- pilots ); cowardly or heroic !? How do we deal with such discursive complexity !? The American call for all kinds of image- censorship and European cynism about photographin ' the world are both defence- mechanisms for the paradoxes of the new kind of violence. "

    What I am trying to say is that the people of today hasn 't a clear response to the kind of violence committed by those Islamitic crime groups. An action demands an instant reaction ,but we ain 't up to it, yet ! We must getting " used "......if I may use this expression.



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