Dawkins on Channel 5 last night

From: derek gatherer (dgatherer2002@yahoo.co.uk)
Date: Thu 08 Jan 2004 - 08:01:04 GMT

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    Anybody see Sir Richard on Channel 5 last night? He talked a lot about non-genetic evolution through the medium of language, which I thought was going to lead into a discussion of memes, but then seemed to veer off into a lot of stuff about 'purposiveness' (I suspect this is going to be his next big thing), and not a single mention of the m-word...... Baroness Susan Greenfield (an ex-classmate of Sue Blackmore in Oxford in the 70s) is on later in the week talking about consciousness - in fact it might even be tonight.

    (Sir Harry Kroto was on Tuesday night's program, and Sir Steven Hawking on Monday - perhaps the series is actually about the homours system......)

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