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    > To give examples from ideas of mine, the psychological mechanism evoked by
    > being captured is specific to that situation and unrelated to the
    > mechanisms for obtaining status. (Both are mechanisms for spreading
    > certain classes of memes.)

    Yes, but only in the understanding that then everyone is equal influenced by the fact that he or she is being captured. I am not so sure that everyone will act or behave the same. In cases I have seen [ more related to the loss of someone near ( family, friends, relatives and/ or fellow- students)] I witnessed great disparities between people. Where one is crying his eyes out, another seem not to be e(a)ffected at all. I think this is somewhat related to the position of the victim, where some are directly infected by the loss, and where others don 't seem to care- he or she is dead, well so be it ! In a school where more than a thousand students attend their classes, the loss of one student can 't influence them all ! Death itself, yes maybe, but not the death of a person, who is maybe not that well known. I thus can 't consider the fact that everyone is equal influenced by being captured as a valid one.....
    " Oh, I do wish I was a hostage, than my dinner would always being served...

    Hm, and unrelated to the mechanism of obtaining status !? After the facts, would a post- hostage not be a good catch !? After all, a good story at a coktail- party is always welcomed, and being seen with such a guy would increase the chances of being the main- course at the social table !

    > Third, it may be of considerable utility in creating a more
    > cooperative group if people had insight into why they act the way they do.

    Yes, but only in the path of a mutual, higher interest, like peace ! America and the terrorists it fights would be better off if they would understand why they oppose eachother. Such enterprise involves notions about history, sociology, psychology, biology, culture, semiotics and understanding.

    It is not up to the Islamitic world to condemn America for its conduct if on the same branch Americans are not willing to understand that courage and heroism aren 't still the symbols of malehood. Not being able to show off how strong they really are is unbearable to what America(ns) stand(s) for. Not being able to go to war, is no option for America, it serves as the bias for its further moral development. And in that regard, playing the victim is nowadays a better role. Now it can do what it can do best_ being the point of moral reference for the world.



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