Is Information Informative !?

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Date: Sun 21 Dec 2003 - 15:17:14 GMT

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    " The power to put yourself in one other his shoes is called empathy. "

    Serge Daney, wrote once that " information " has no right to call itself informative, because information is structural one- sided, it can never reveal the totality of a/ one situation.

    He called, paradoxal, the fiction movie in essence informative because we ain 't confronted with documented facts, but just with " situated grammar " ,[ descriptive words ] namely that each conflict implies two parties and thus two equal important points of view.

    The choise has to be made as it seems between one- sided facts and the plural imagery of fiction. The profit of such an enterprise which shows the situation as a combined action of two parties, is the shaking off, of partia- lity ( demagogism and propaganda) and the achievement of one tragic lecture. We leave behind the kind of sensations and reflexes which it provokes, reflection becomes possible.

    In memetic terms, to understand to its full extend any meme we must consider its background, context, etc. Any meme is getting born, lives and dies with and within its own descriptive, situated grammar. Any difference within and of the background, surrounding or environment changes the meme its meaning. Moreover, the point of view of any other is something we can 't grasp to its full extend anyway: - even if we do consider to move over to the other side, than the earlier, own party becomes the ennemy.

    What we need is a point of view far beyond of what the parties has to say. This point of view mustn 't be able to identify itself within a strict boundary, but needs to be an abstractum in res- pect to the totality of the situation. What we thus actually do when we speak, is talking with ab- stract metaphors collectively known to us without ever reaching a full understanding/ commitment/ etc.

    The only way out is an extreme use of words ( one meaning), and thus in its path a detached use of grammar. One meaning - one meme !?



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