Re: The capture of Eric Drexler's nanotechnology memes.

From: Alan Patrick (
Date: Wed 17 Dec 2003 - 15:02:51 GMT

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    > >Drexler's problem is that he hasn't really done anything new since 1992,
    > >he's leaving himself open to new players.
    > That's not actually true. Eric and related people like Ralph Merkle did a
    > lot of molecular design work post 1992.

    OK, more accurately Drexler *was* nanotech back in 1992, now he's one among a burgeoning number. Memetically I think that it's the darwinian expansion and acclimatisation of the nano-meme that we are seeing. Sad for Drexler, he's been a good Wooly Mammoth, but new subspecies are emerging that feed better on the funding tundra. Some of them are carnivorous - its a meme eat meme world out there....

    > I am not sure any government that understands molecular scale
    > nanotechnology is going to want to develop it if they are not forced.

    How come? I think most people who understand realise this stuff is quite powerful. The issue is, I think, how much funding is for short term v long term benefit - and in a downwave its very unusual for an long term R&D to prosper wildly..

    > That said, I expect a hot bed of
    > development to be in eastern Europe from the number of papers and
    > conferences that started coming out of that area some years ago. The
    > expense in nanotechnology is people, and you can get them for far less

    Or India, or China....but I think access to brainpower clusters is also key and thats where the great 1st world university towns score. There's a PhD on meme breeding grounds in that issue somewhere....


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