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Date: Mon 15 Dec 2003 - 15:21:53 GMT

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    Thanks for that, sure was amusing. I laughed for a minute, when I read,
    "Michael’s Dream (February 5, 1993) Louise had found in a novelty shop a 78 rpm record of Arnold singing Elvis songs. One side was “Love Me Tender” and the other side was “Jailhouse Rock” which, she told me, when played backwards, was also the “preamble” to Mein Kampf." Like an evil Pink Floyd. Of course the whole idea of a Arnold Schwazenger Memeplex is kind of silly. His memes tend to be transmitted together, but this transmission only lasts one generation, and is dependent on the physical entity of Arnold for it's group transmission. The memes are unable to evolve together, so they are not a memeplex. I find it annoying when people use memeplex to signify any group of memes. If that were the definition it would be a useless piece of terminology.

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