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Date: Fri 12 Dec 2003 - 21:27:40 GMT

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    > I think he needs to be reminded of the context of the running
    > and maintenance of the list- on a British University server,
    > for the purpose of open, but informed discussion of memetics.
    > It's not a US chat-room intended for anybody to spout
    > whatever they like on any topic, and doing that is taking
    > unfair advantage of the spirit of open discussion of memetics
    > the list is intended to serve.

    Wow, there are a lot of memes in this paragraph.

    It seems to me that the burning issues of the day can stimulate us to consciousness of the memes that are carrying us along in their grasp.

    Personally, I'm not so much offended by anything people say, but I am somewhat offended by people being offended.

    I've been twit-filtered myself, and someone once called me an obnoxious,

    know-it-all-jerk, which was sort of soothing for everything anyone else has said since.

    Maybe it would help for some of you more practiced memeticists to define or at least describe what memetics is, how you look at things in terms of memetics, then an example of a news story or current interest item analyzed along memetic principles.

    I suggest you do this without mentioning any names of memetics pioneers or popularizers, and without pointing to texts and saying go read this or that. If memetics is truly and approach or discipline, and not just a fad or a fan club, then the principles can be described in the vernacular and comprehended without allegiance to or dependence on authority.

    For example, I can describe Jesus' presentation of Christianity without reference to scripture by saying:

    You live in a larger reality than you have ever imagined, and you have accepted false limitations on your sense of self because of your loyalty to tradition or dependence on outside authority. Instead, reason on the fact that your nature is what you are made of, and you are made of the Creator. Therefore, to experience the world as it truly is and to know yourself as you truly are, be like God.

    Nothing less can satisfy you or make you happy.

    (I understand there is a religion 'about' Jesus, and they call that Christianity also, but it really has little relation to what he says.)

    What can we do with an understanding of memetics that we cannot do so well without it?

    It's not like anyone freezes your eyeballs forward and makes you read a particular message. I think I understand what 'open' means but I'm a little clueless on how 'informed' can 'but' against that.

    I don't mind being annoyed by the lefty lemmings who are sputtering Saddam sycophants; at least they aren't Texans (who we call 'Baja Oklahomans' during years such as this when our university beats their university).

    I already know what I know, I am more interested in finding out about what I don't know, understanding that this will lead me into interaction with people whose values or lack of same I find frightening or disconcerting.

    It's hard to be condescending when you live in cyberspace.

    Brad Jensen

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