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Date: Wed 10 Dec 2003 - 09:27:54 GMT

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    > But looking at the guy as the biological entity he
    > is, there
    > isn 't much Chinese about him though.

    Possibly because his ancestors are Spanish, African, German or Lebanese (the three main non-indigenous populations in Ecuador).
    > What made them South- Indian if their origin is
    > Chinese !?

    The relative lack of genetic variability suggests that the founding population may only have been a few dozen.

    > Northen China indicates Nepal, Southern Rusland,
    > Mongolia !?

    If I remember rightly, the most likely area for the orgin of the Ys was in Manchuria/Mongolia.
    > Do you have a surname of Padilla, I searched the web
    > last
    > night

    His name was Ricardo Padilla - unfortunately it's a very common name and the top hits on google are to an Israeli/Finnish classical musician and a Salvadorean politician.

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