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Date: Tue 09 Dec 2003 - 16:29:06 GMT

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    > Concerning the origin of South American man, recent
    > controversy was when did
    > human beings cross the Berring Strait, hence
    > populated first North America,
    > then travelled down to South America, not where did
    > they come from. I have not
    > followed that one in details, there seem to have
    > been a recent discovery of
    > modern human bones in North America, dating quite a
    > few thousands of years
    > earlier than previously thought. All these were
    > coming from what we now call China.

    There is the standard theory that the Clovis people, from whom the majority of Native Americans are descended (with the exceptions of Inuit and Na-Dene), came from northern China area - and that is supported by the Y-chromosome data.

    I think that Kenneth was alluding to various non-standard theories of recent Chinese origin. These theories would have it that the Clovis people came form somewhere else (Australia, Polynesia, Europe and Japan are all candidates depending on the flavour of the theory) and that the ancestors of current Native Americans are more recent. The problem with these is explaining away the absence of any Y-lineages from any of the above places, thus requiring theories of genocide etc, and it all gets a little implausible. The only hard evidence against the standard theory is:

    1) An ancient European mitochondrial lineage exists in a single great Lakes area tribe. (nowhere else) 2) Kennewick man. 3) There is something genetically unusual about the native americans of the US eastern seaboard - but they still have Chinese origin Y-chromosomes.

    Of the above, 1 and 2 are single data points, so must surely constitute anomalies. Number 3 can be explained in other ways.

    So on the whole, we need something a bit better in order to abandon the traditional theory.

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