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Date: Mon 08 Dec 2003 - 22:07:23 GMT

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    > By the way isn 't the Out- of- Africa hypothesis not contro-
    > versial and for some dead wrong too !? But doesn 'tmatter so
    > much, I am interested in what kind of investigations there are
    > being done to strenghten up the hypothesis that South- American
    > man finds his origins in China.

    As far as I know, that hypothesis is still the most up to date with what we know about human evolution. I have followed recent research in that field and have seen no better scientific hypothesis. The French Prehistoric specialist, Pascal Picq, is still proposing that out of Africa hypothesis as a valid one in a 2003 book (Pascal Picq, "Au commencement etait l'homme. De Toumai a Cro-magnon", Odile Jacob, Paris 2003) What's controversial is the theory "African east side story" of human origin that Yves Coppens (another French prehistorician specialist) was defending. The discovery of Toumai bones on the west side of Africa challenges quite seriously the idea that human history started and developped on the East side of Africa.

    Concerning the origin of South American man, recent controversy was when did human beings cross the Berring Strait, hence populated first North America, then travelled down to South America, not where did they come from. I have not followed that one in details, there seem to have been a recent discovery of modern human bones in North America, dating quite a few thousands of years earlier than previously thought. All these were coming from what we now call China.

    Paul Trehin

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