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Date: Mon 08 Dec 2003 - 14:57:37 GMT

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    > I thought the evidence that the Americas were
    > populated by the so-called
    > clovis peoples coming from Asia over the bearing
    > landbridge and gradually
    > down all the way into south america was pretty
    > strong?

    It is, on the basis of genes, language affinities and archaeology.

    > The only sticking point I think is interesting is on
    > the north-east coast of
    > north america, where some say that a few europeans
    > landed during the last
    > ice age (arriving by skirting the edge of the ice
    > sheet that would've linked
    > north america and europe to some extent), evidenced
    > by some very non-clovis
    > like tools that look more like ice age tools found
    > in southern france.

    Yes, this is the 'Solutrean point problem'. It's a bit like the Jomon pottery hypothesis in that it relies on a few artefacts rather than a comprehensive body of archaeology. Another one in this category is the Bahia de Amphoras in Brazil where there appear to be Roman wine jars at the bottom of the bay. And of course the Egyptian mummy with coca leaves in it that was on the media a lot a few years ago. And of course also Kennewick Man (he's the best, since he can be dated and DNA-typed - that one I believe). But all of these would seem to indicate perhaps a spot of early intercontinental travel rather than an alternative origin for Native Americans.

    Having said that, Cavalli-Sforza et al do detect that Native Americans of the US Eastern Seaboard are the most genetically unusual (although you have to remember that Native Aeericans are very un-diverse as a whole, so care is required in interpreting this). They don't draw any Solutrean-hypothesis conclusions from that however, merely note it as an anomaly.....

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