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    ----- Original Message ----- From: "derek gatherer" <> Thanks Derek for the response !

    > > " Man was probably generated on the earth at various
    > > places roughly the same time.
    > No, that's wrong.
    << That is what Matsushita says on page 46 ! By the way isn 't the Out- of- Africa hypothesis not contro- versial and for some dead wrong too !? But doesn 'tmatter so much, I am interested in what kind of investigations there are being done to strenghten up the hypothesis that South- American man finds his origins in China.

    Talking to someone of Ecuador he told me that investigations
    > > are under way to provide, in terms of a model, a
    > > better understanding of to how the peoples of South- America
    > > came about.
    > Who was that? It wasn't Padilla, was it? I used to
    > work across the corridor from him when I was in
    > Ecuador. In those days he was spending a lot of his
    > time up at Barro Colorado in Panama where there were
    > lots of relatively unmixed indigenos.
    << The guy I talked to is someone I work with, he never told me any name, or any other scheme either. He just brought my mind in a state of alarm with his story. But who is that guy you talk about !? Any interesting sites, maybe an email- address !? Something !? Thanks anyway........

    > > The claim is being made, as I understand it, that
    > > the genetic ancestory of the territory lies in China and
    thus is not due to the massive movement of peoples coming from the North, trying to escape some Ice Age or in search for food and shelter.

    > But who said it was? The genetic invariablity of most
    > indigenous Americans indicates that the founding
    > population was probably quite small, but expanded
    > rapidly owing to an abundant food supply and no
    > competition. The ultimate North Chinese origin is
    > just a question of where the Y-lineages point back to.
    > It doesn't imply that anything unusual was driving
    > people out of North China, or sucking them into the
    > Americas. Nomadic people wander. The ancestral tock
    > was probably wandering for thousands of years in
    > Siberia, after they left Manchuria, before they
    > crossed the land bridge into Alaska.
    << You say here, like there was a Chinese origin, or did I get that part wrong !? Again I suppose my contact refers probably to the guy you talk about, I don 't know, I will ask ! What I understand is that a claim is being made that Chinese, let's call them "boatpeople ", drift away and ended up at the shores of what is known now as South- America. Again, the pre- supposed time- scale makes it problematic. But according to my source, there were potsherds found with what we can call Chinese influence, also the funny hats which people wear in Peru can be traced back to China, he says.

    Was there in " recent " geological times a landbridge be- tween China and the South- Americas !? Again, I never encountered a fossil or any other record with indications there was........!

    And by indigenous Americans you mean the Indians of North- America !? Again, like the story has been told, there must have existed an already high advanced society in South- America at the time other peoples crossed the Alaska bridge. The history of the Maya's, Azteks and Olmeks makes it possible there was. What if their mutual origin was Chinese !? Does makes you wonder, doesn 't it !?

    > > but what if the continent, at least in the South, was already
    > > occupied !?
    Derek, What makes you think it was?
    << What has been told to me, and the fact of the already existing societies in the area at that time. The fossil record shows that the Aztek- civilisation was there 5000 year ago, it didn 't came out of the blue, there must has been evolution over a wider period of time. What if the origin lies on the shores of China and the maturation on the high peaks of the Andes !? Nothing excludes the possibility that a few sailors wandered off and ended up in Peru where they inter- breed with the locals or established an optimal environ- ment for themselves, stayed and laid out the foundations for the later South- Americas peoples........

    And for the record Derek, we had our differences in the past, and you know I never step away from a good argu- ment....but think for one minute that the hypothesis of the North- America migration- route is wrong, that there were already people in the Americas long before the Alaska bridge was crossed...what would be your answer !?

    Derek, I am just interested in what I can dig up about this, do you have some reference to that Padilla guy !?

    Regards thought,

    If you have more interesting comments, please be my guest...


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