Thoughts on the South- American Man

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Date: Thu 04 Dec 2003 - 20:59:27 GMT

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    " Man was probably generated on the earth at various places roughly the same time. Different climates produced different types of people, but all men shared the same basic characteristics or essential na- ture. " ( Konosuke Matsushita 1982)
        The emergence of man is thus in some way tied to the natural conditions of the earth, so the saying goes. Certainly that is one reason why we differ but are the same in handling our affairs. We rely on tradition, on abstract theory and concepts, and some rely on a national character, on nations things like religion and ethics.

    1_ We accept the fact that inter- breeding between races is in the benefit of man himself, that genes are able to prevent us from injuries, that understanding will turn into our advantage.
        History claims that Columbus discovered the America' s. Spain has put large armies in the fields to punish those who disobey its, religious, dictates.

    2_ The ancient peoples of South- America ( Azteks, Maya's), in search for historical information and official glorification of their past, don 't accept this kind of identification and expand their view.

    3_ There is another meaning why they are dressed like they are, why their eyes are shaped like they are, there is in their describing of historical reality a tendency to proclaim that their genetic ancestory don 't lies in the particular notion of ' the sa- vage peoples of the America ', but that their genetic lineages go way back up to China.

    4_ We have here a fundamental question of how those ' Chinese' ancestors managed to sail as far East as to South- America. Given the time- index problematic. And if, further, so, did they inter- breed with the locals, or does this suggests that the ancient peoples of South- America has to find their origins in China !?

    _ I have made up this little treatise to ask a fundamental question. Talking to someone of Ecuador he told me that investigations are under way to provide, in terms of a model, a better under- standing of to how the peoples of South- America came about.

    The claim is being made, as I understand it, that the genetic an- cestory of the territory lies in China and thus is not due to the massive movement of peoples coming from the North, trying to escape some Ice Age or in search for food and shelter.

    If this might be true, in what ways does this concerns our own history !? Many elements leads to the conclusion that yes indeed there was a massive migration from the North to the South, but what if the continent, at least in the South, was already occupied !?

    I don 't recall that any kind of info about this subject has been made, moreover, as far as I known, there isn 't any anthropolo- gical or fossil record that tells it otherwise. Are we chasing ghosts here, is he pulling my leg...or does have anyone more information about the investigations probably being done !? If this is true, we have to rewrite man's history......

    This intrigues me,


    PS, and what, in memetic terms, about the fact we did ' believe ' what history or better historians told us....if proove can be found that reflects the above written claim !?

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