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Date: Thu 27 Nov 2003 - 09:03:10 GMT

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    Keith: Unfortunately it only takes one society with a falling income per capita to attack a neighbor and when *that* happens, the attacked group has a well evolved mechanism to fight back and crush the attackers. (And even to lash out at third parties who were not your
     attacker but just looked a bit like the ones that attacked you.)

    Joe: Yep; that's why jihadis are journeying from all over the Ummah .... etc

    Derek: Come on, Joe, cool it. You've got Keith back-to-front. The nation with the falling per capita income is Saudi Arabia, as is made clear in Aaron's recent article (What am I doing? recommending people read Aaron? urgent need coffee......) The nation doing the crushing is obviously the USA. The third party is obviously Iraq. Nobody is suggsting America will be crushed. I'm sure Keith is not making the point you seem to think he is making, but rather the opposite point.

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