Re: Is there any meme left to talk about !?

From: Van oost Kenneth (
Date: Tue 25 Nov 2003 - 20:10:55 GMT

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    > Interesting comments, but I think the analogy is problematic. How
    > does articulating a meme change its_symbolic_structure? It might change
    > literal structure from a pattern of information in the brain (not that I
    > myself buy that viewpoint) to spoken or written language say, but surely
    > the symbolic structure changes then it can't be a meme in the first place,
    > otherwise how does it get from one person to the next without losing that
    > structure?

    << More to the point would be to take the fact in consideration that there are general informal meanings around, archetypes or general types, where the articulation, the writing down, the manifestation of the meme in an arti- fact,...are tokens of that general type. But, Vincent, I think you are right here saying that the symbolic structure can 't be changed_ the sky is blue and stays that way in its general sense. Over time, on the other hand, general types do can change though !

    Think about war, a war had to be fought and was won or lost_ but like Sting sang, " a winneble war is a lie we don 't believe anymore "....



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