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Date: Tue 25 Nov 2003 - 19:50:05 GMT

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      From: Diego Remus
      then, some characteristics go like glossolalia
      a dense flow of shared informal meaning
      others, like adlinguisticity
      as we keep talking about talking
      is talking about talking (or comuunicating by any means about communicating that way) a more advanced or a more derivative level of talking?
      think about thinking, write about writing
      In acting so, we´re legitimating the acts of communication as prhenomens by themselves.

      May we say " archetype " !? Or are the ways of saying something,
      particular instantiations_ tokens of a general type, where Joe Dees
      always seem to cling onto !?

      The sky is blue, roses are red, snow is white, Left is social and
      Right winged is bad, heaven is up, hell is down... are in some sort
      shared informal meaning(s).
      What we talk about, write about, read about, think about is what
      heaven, hell, blue, social,....stands for.
      In a general conjective way it is again shared informal meaning
      to all of us, but now we can add a more personal, a more indivi-
      dualistical level of meaning.

      The point I am trying to make is that we by saying for example
      something ironically, we induce negative signals in the mind of
      the receptor, but by saying it directly, without the connotion of
      irony attached to it, it (can) mean(s) something else for the

      " Do you hate me !? ", can be said in many different ways, each
      time we say it differently, a different meme(plex) is induced or is
      getting propagated. It is by the way we say it, pronounce it,
      where we speak, to whom, what setting, circumstances,...that
      tokens of a different type are released.
      Each time a different meme is expressed, what is being said,
      how or what is suggested is due, like I said above, circumstance,
      but is also due to our social, cultural intercourse_ learned or
      To see thru' the irony, understanding it, is like you said, filling in
      the blanks. We are capable of making the distinction between
      the real sense of "hating me " and the irony of the fact that you do.

      On the other hand, don 't we talk about talking, don 't be think about
      thinking, don 't we write about writing, don 't we read about reading,
      don 't we hear what is said about hearing, don 't we see what is shown
      about seeing, don 't we smell what is put under our noses, can 't we
      grasp what is lying before us, can 't we walk that walk,....!?
      I think we do, but do I legitimate those acts to what they stand for,
      I don 't think so...Do you !?



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