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Date: Fri 21 Nov 2003 - 15:50:15 GMT

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    > We can observe the phenotypic effect of memes, and
    > from that deduce the symbolic structure behind them.

    I think we can observe human behaviour and then attempt to put some psycho-social explanation on it, but people have been doing that since Vico.

    > I accept this criticism. However, It seems to me
    > that too much of the work that has been done, is
    > dependent on the gene analogy

    Haploid genetics is used as a strong analogy for strictly vertical transmission, but the more complicated situations are elaborated by CS/F/L etc in ways that go far beyond that. The dependence is not on the gene analogy, but rather on a more fundamental assumption that cultural traits are more or less constant phenotypic traits of individuals.
    > What do you mean by "therefore an
    > evolutionary transition beyond the analogue
    > evolution of human culture," I'm confused about your
    > use of the word analogue, do you mean that this is a
    > separate evolution?

    Yes that's what MS and S mean. Linguistic information is analogue and computer code is digital.

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