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Date: Wed 19 Nov 2003 - 23:05:29 GMT

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    even considering we´ve been all introduced, at som degree, to such concepts, I guess there´s one of these mutating memes in your post for the drastic jump my actual filter sensed.
      I mean I think some arguments were expressed so abrupt, drmatically automatic. "in order to set for a solution to a problem" like the one you suggested, we´ve got to fill in some blanks, make some extra links, or be it mutate some memes.
      I remember of an argument about all bacterias are actually the same organism, they just manifest different characteristics for they are in open systems.
      whatever my post may mean, maybe a mutating meme, maybe the meme which needs mutating.
      Van oost Kenneth <> wrote: Hypothesis,
        Would memeplexes ( meme- sets) mutate if the " change " was induced by info-deprevation_ in order to set for a solution to a problem !?
    [ This as an analogy for the unusual state by which bacterial cells behave when starved, postulated as by Cairns and Bridges]
      Survival of the fittest can be seen as the genesis, as the mecha- nism to get those features which allow to descrease the real haz- zards of evolutionary competition:- we exercise, we do body- buil- ding, we run the marathons in order NOT to fight real battles to get laid !
      The symptons of expression of competition does has its own evolution_ our own evolution is à proof of the self- declared victory over the evolutionary hazzards of the real natural/ animal world.
               But what if brain- building cells/ genes possesses mobile genetic elements to carry out the necessary DNA re- configurations in order to get additional ( memetic) info across to the offspring_ all in the understanding of course that this would be part of some kind of control mechanism of the initial genes to get those capabilities/ capacities in order to propagate best/ better_ thus to get info in, in order to get a better/ best propagation in the future of their own existence !?

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