Re: Online Paper: "Ideas are Not Replicators but Minds Are" by Liane Gabora

From: derek gatherer (
Date: Wed 29 Oct 2003 - 09:11:19 GMT

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    > This seems to be true for Y, but I don't think it
    > can be shown to be the
    > case for the rest of the genome.

    But it does seem to be true for at least those other parts of the genome that have been sufficiently well analysed, eg. {

    Anyway, let's suppose that that there is some truth in the regional continuity hypothesis and that modern non-African populations do have some steppe erectus or neanderthal genes in them. I still don't see how evolutionary pressures on northern erectus populations can have had much effect on modern human brains as a whole. You could postulate that non-African brains are in some way different to the brains of Africans, but surely that is not what Calvin is arguing....?

    The only other alternative would be that the changes in erectus brains that happened on the Eurasian steppes somehow, by gene flow or back-migration into Africa, got incorporated in African brains too.

    Of course, as I said, I haven't actually read the book, so perhaps I have the wrong end of the stick entirely......

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