Re: Online Paper: "Ideas are Not Replicators but Minds Are" by Liane Gabora

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Date: Sat 25 Oct 2003 - 09:39:57 GMT

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    > At 09:05 AM 10/24/2003 +0100, Derek wrote:
    > > > One question is why we were the only mammal to go so
    > > > far?
    > >
    > >I used to wonder why, for example, there are no
    > >reptile lineages that have evolved larger brains -
    > >some did get as far as being bipedal and social. I
    > >vaguely remember that the answer was something to do
    > >with warm bloodedness, but I wonder if that argument
    > >still holds in the light of more recent ideas about
    > >warm bloodedness in dinosaurs?
    > >
    > >Is there a physiologist in the house?
    > I've read over and over that brains are very energy expensive to operate.
    > think it is something like a ration of the brain being only 2% body weight
    > but consuming 20% of the calories. I can recall (but not find) an article
    > that hypothesized the calorie demands of a larger brain could not be met
    > until we became more carnivorous.
    > I think that the presumption has always been that tool use and greater
    > socialization required larger brains and that the fitness reward
    > compensated for the increased cost in calorie consumption.
    > Ray Recchia
    Guys, I'm pretty sure these references are made in 'How the Mind Works', by Steven Pinker.

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