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Date: Thu 02 Oct 2003 - 06:36:59 GMT

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    > P.S. Does anyone know of any dissertations that have used memetic theory as
    > a framework/lens? I have looked in UMI but didn't see too many...

    I am working on a research project which was triggered by the series of articles on memetics published in Scientific American : S. Blackmore, "The Power of Memes", and related articles : Lee Alan Dugatkin , "Animals Imitate, too" ; Robert Boyd and Peter J. Richerson , "Memes Theory Oversimplifies how culture changes" ; Henry Plotkin , "People do more than imitate", Scientific American, Volume 283, Number 4, October 2000.

    My reactions to these articles are available on my web site : tm

    The page header is in French but the texts are in English.

    A summary of my current research in English is also available : htm

    A draft of the full paper is available in French :

    Yours sincerely.

    Paul Trehin

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