Re: Snowcrash (SPOILER) - just read it and don't read this post if you haven't yet

Date: Wed 01 Oct 2003 - 19:14:22 GMT

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    Richard Brodie writes:

    > Ray wrote:
    >> Good list. 'Snow Crash' by Neal Stephenson? It's a good SF
    >> book but I don't recall anything more memetic about it than a
    >> dozen other cyberpunk novels.
    > It's quite cutting-edge regarding memes. It's set in a world where cultural
    > viruses have taken over in a very amusing way, one of the biggest winners in
    > cultural selection being the franchise pizza store, its memetic "DNA"
    > contained in the ever-present three-ring binder constantly being consulted
    > by employees. It also introduces the concept of the "namshub," a powerful
    > mind virus. One of the main subplots is that a group of people is trying to
    > design the perfect mind virus to take over the world.

    I've read 'Snowcrash' There is also John Barnes' 'Century Next Door' where people are taken over by invading mental constructs called memes. There is Peter Watts' 'Maelstrom' which contains quite a bit about memes. There is also Michael Swanwick's 'Griffin's Egg' etc. etc.

    > I have quite a few other recommendations. Press the "Books" button at the
    > top of
    > Richard Brodie

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