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Date: Wed 01 Oct 2003 - 19:02:20 GMT

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    Agreed. SNOWCRASH is a penetrating examination of, among other things, memes. I don't recall if Stephenson mentions the word explicitly, but the notions permeate the book and I have to conclude it is likely that he is highly aware of memetics and of the relationship between cognition and language.

    He has a dazzling pay-off for the book title towards its end, but I won't say more to avoid spoiling anyone's reading.

    His next book, Cryptonomicon, seems to ignore the theme. I just picked up his most recent book, Quicksilver -- a big fat heavy tome billed as the first of a trilogy, but haven't started it. Has anyone read it yet?

    Cheers, Lawry

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    > Ray wrote:
    > > Good list. 'Snow Crash' by Neal Stephenson? It's a good SF
    > > book but I don't recall anything more memetic about it than a
    > > dozen other cyberpunk novels.
    > It's quite cutting-edge regarding memes. It's set in a world
    > where cultural
    > viruses have taken over in a very amusing way, one of the biggest
    > winners in
    > cultural selection being the franchise pizza store, its memetic "DNA"
    > contained in the ever-present three-ring binder constantly being consulted
    > by employees. It also introduces the concept of the "namshub," a powerful
    > mind virus. One of the main subplots is that a group of people is
    > trying to
    > design the perfect mind virus to take over the world.
    > I have quite a few other recommendations. Press the "Books" button at the
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