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Date: Sat 27 Sep 2003 - 18:51:36 GMT

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    > Greetings, Scott,
    > Yes, there are those who would like to limit the meaning of the term
    > 'anti-Semitism' to Jews, disregarding the fact that the majority of
    > Semites are not Jews at all. Perhaps I should modify my
    > characterization of Joe Dees to something like "tribal anti-Semitic"
    > in that he does blindly side with Israel while displaying his bigotry
    > to all the other Semitic 'tribes' and to others beyond.
    I do not *blindly* side with Israel; I do, however, unlike Lawrence, also refuse to blindly side with a death-cult meme that trains and incubates children virtually from birth in the convictions that Jews are subhumans and that God will smile upon them if they choose to become human bombs and kill masses of clueless innocents. THAT is anti-semitism at its most Islamofascist barbaric, and it has cost the Palestinians an entire generation. Those vicious memes will die hard, if at all, and the only solution to this virulent violent infestation that I can see is to end its inculcation in the Palestinian youth, and wait for the already-infected haters to attrite. Of course, now that Saddam Hussein is no longer in a position to pay a bounty of 10k per human bomb to their families, and Israel is openly targeting the organizers and masterminds of such human bombings, the numbers have somewhat declined. As I have stated here before, the only solution that I can see to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict involves two states with secure borders
    (along the lines Barak proposed and Arafat rejected, fearing for his life from hardline jihadists were he to sign on to ANY deal, however fair or favorable to Palestinians) and a shared, partitioned, or UN- administrated Jerusalem. I am reluctantly beginning to come to the position that, due to the organized perpetuation of the murderous memes now in play there, this resolution will not manifest from within the area in the forseeable future, and if it is to happen, will have to be imposed from without, say, by a cooperative US-UN action.

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