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Date: Sat 27 Sep 2003 - 07:24:28 GMT

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    I am not anti-Semitic, anti-Jew, anti (mainstream) Muslim, or anti-Arab
    (most Muslims are not Arabs, and Palestinians are themselves Semitic). What I am concerned with is a memetic Wahhab/Qutb phage that has infected Orientals (Captain Yee, Guantanamo Bay), Caucasians (John Walker Lindh, Taliban), Hispanics (Jose Padilla, dirty bomb), and Blacks (the Washington DC snipers and the soldier that rolled the grenade in the Kuwaiti tent), all in the US and/or against US citizens. This mutation must be dealt with for the sake of civilization, democracy, equal rights, civil rights, and the freedom of thought, speech and action. It behooves us all to endeavor to understand what makes it tick so that we might conceive of monkeywrenches to toss into its mechanism, for a virulence that we do not understand has a much greater chance of engulfing us all, and end conversations such as this, and eliminate those who desire to thus converse, for the forseeable future.

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