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Date: Tue 09 Sep 2003 - 01:45:53 GMT

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    >To commit mass murder by using human bombs to blow up concentrations of
    clueless and unarmed civilians merely
    >pursuing their citizen lives in planes or ships or buses or skyscrapers or
    >stadiums or shopping malls is wrong, no matter who swears that their
    >god says it is all right. And it is wrong for scientific inquiry to be
    >forbidden and for evidence supporting doctrinally upsetting positions to
    >be suppressed because of some dogmatic pronouncement that a self-
    >styled prophet, of whatever religion, claims was communicated to him
    >centuries ago.
    >Unless we acknowledge these existential rights and wrongs, we may
    >end up endorsing the ascendancy of totalitarian dogmatisms that would
    >forclose all freedom of thought, action, conscience, doubt and inquiry,
    >not just (but including) memetics.

    I agree with this Joe. Where we disagree is that I see no basic difference between State and non-State terror. Murder, for God or State, by human bomb or one dropped from a war-plane, is contrary to my memetic understanding of appropriate behaviour. The killing of thousands of people and the subsequent physical and cultural invasion of a Nation in order to save them from physical and cultural subjugation is ludicrous unless you have been infected by the 'Might is Right' meme. Religious memes are no more valid than recently evolved econo/political or cultural memes, and vice-versa. Jeremy


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