I find it sad yet hilarious...

From: joedees@bellsouth.net
Date: Mon 08 Sep 2003 - 20:28:00 GMT

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            ...that the "Hate Bush" prejudicial memebots on this list do not address the points I make (I suspect because they can't), but rather engage in gratuitous and personal ad hominem attacks against me. The entire exchange started when I posted the text of a US president's speech on terrorism; is that sort of thing forbidden by memetic filters or list rules?
            As to my last two forwards, one had to do with how the US planned to incubate the democracy meme into Iraqi culture, and how that meme seemed to already be spreading to other places in the Muslim world.
            Those who would rather cover their eyes rather than have their biases and delusions confronted by facts and logic are, of course, free to filter my posts; then their cybernetic filters would match their memetic ones.

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