RE: The Text of Dubya's Terrorism Speech Tonight

From: Brad - Eufrates (
Date: Mon 08 Sep 2003 - 17:46:17 GMT

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    > As far as lies go, the info. that Dubya's famous
    > 'sixteen words'
    > was based upon came from British intelligence, and he did not assert
    > that Saddam had SUCCEEDED in obtaining fissionable uranium from
    > some African countries; merely that Saddam had SOUGHT it there - a
    > charge that is almost certainly true.

    What's really funny, is that the assertion by British Intellignece, which they still insist on, is based on information passed from the French Intelligence service, which by protocol they cannot publically name.

    > In other words, I believe that it is because you have
    > been infected
    > with the "Dubya is the Antichrist" meme, and quite
    > irrationally view him
    > as worse than Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao combined, and even
    > worse than the Al Quaedans, who OPENLY wish to destroy all
    > freedoms of religion, thought, action and choice, and annihilate all
    > traces of democracy from the entire world, replacing all these with a
    > repressive global theocratic islamofascist Ummah run according to
    > sharia law.

    The two (truck, then airplane) WTC attacks were designed to drop those buildings on the NY Stock Exchange, which sits on the next block over. They were trying to collapse the American economy, not just the buildings.

    Bush is a good man, with a sense of his own limitations, and of what America's limitations are also.

    Brad Jensen

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