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Date: Mon 08 Sep 2003 - 02:43:40 GMT

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    Joe What has this propaganda got to do with memetics? Surely, if the USA went to war against the advice of most Nations in the civilised world, should they not now shoulder the burden of rectifying that rogue act alone? Why expect the UN to pick up the pieces now when the US, has killed up to 10,000 inocent Iraquis, destroyed infrastructure, denigrated the UN's ability to detect WMD's, told lies and even refused to pay their dues? When I wanted to discus the 'Might is Right' meme that lies at the core of US arrogance, you inflamed the topic so that the meme could not be rationally, and academically, addressed. So why should you now want to insult our intelligence with GW's latest BS Bulletin? Jeremy


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