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    Dear Kenneth,
      It is an old communist speciality that of branding your political competitors insane. The Chinese are still actively incarcerating the "politically insane". The article is a rather macro-level ad hominem and utter rubbish. Why is it being posted here?
      I also note the Michael Mooresque moan about incarceration rates and black Americans. The simple and horrible truth is that the incarceration rates reflect the offending rates perfectly. You does the crime , you does the time.
      The Americans have enjoyed an enormous drop in crime over the last 10 years. The recent peaceful blackout in New York is an excellent example of how much things have improved. Simply contrast the riots in 1977 with last months peaceful and relatively crime free blackout.
      That great society is defeating crime, we ought to imitating their success.


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    " Hitler, Mussolini and Ronald Reagan were affected by the same illness_ conservatism, so claim American scientists who studied the ideology.
      They claim that conservatism is caused by a series of neurotic disorders like fear, agression and dogmatism.
      The psychologists find all of the same symptoms by George W. Bush. They point out the fact that his lack of nuance and his preference for clichés and stereotypes are typical for adherents of the conservative ideology."
      Translated by Kenneth Van Oost September 2003.
      Note in the echo of the execution of that anti- abortion- activist, that Bush is peaking the amount of money to get a new sexual revolution on its way. Abstaining oneself from sexual intercourse before marrying is the new trend in the US. Moreover, activists now want to spread the sex can wait- gospel all over the world.
      Bad English or not, religion and thus in casu conservatism is part of America's history and culture. That the rejection of such an ideology by the masses has lead to the support of a kind of strange thought- and referenceschemes ( by new born intellectuals) is now determinated in the perception of what is politics.
    ' I have a dream ' said one Luther King, but still 44 % of the prisoners in the US are black ( 12 % of the total population is black), 1 out of 20 black man are in jail. Still wondering about the religious aspects of your country are you !? Still wondering why I am concerned !? And I am not a ' boy ' and not black !

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