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Date: Thu 04 Sep 2003 - 18:16:30 GMT

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    > I can't see how the susceptibility to ideas can breach Weismann's barrier.
    > Neither ideas nor susceptibility to ideas passes from soma (ie- neural
    > templates) to the germline (ie- genetic templates) to impact the
    > Ideas can be passed vertically from the parents' brains to the offsrings'
    > brains via communication. No genetically heritable changes need apply.
    > Sorry, I'm really strict on this one. If you wanna topple Weismann's
    > and the central dogma of nucleotides leading to peptides but not vice
    > then you better get some rigid arguments behind you. Otherwise there's NO
    > reason to even speculate that neo-Lamarckian mechanisms are at play.
    > >People raised in mids where solidarity/ love and respect for the
    > You need to be clearer on what you mean by "pass". If you mean passed as
    > ideation vertically transmitted via communication, then I have no argument
    > with you. If you mean passed into the germ line, breaching Weismann's
    > barrier and contradicting Central Dogma, that's where we part ways.

    I ' ll have it here about characteristics which were not present- not seen in the genetic template of the grandfather, but yet picked up by the father and than became part of the ' template ' of the son.

    That, indeed the characteristic, like moving a hand in a specific way, is present in the boy as it is something that the father picked up during the time before the son was born, how would you explain such a phenome- non !? That it didn 't pass into the germline as such, changing genes, ok I can live with that, but I argue that neurons- making up in the end the primer connections of the son 's brain " express " themselves differently due to what the father picked up ! And IMO, that is a memetic mechanism_ ' altering/ coding differently' genes in order to get ' information ' across.

    There are IMO, some aspects of someone's character which can 't be explained if we hold solely onto the kids genetic template. The timespan needed to get the info encoded, to get it selected in the first place, is too short to get it from father to son_ we need another mechanism. I don 't think we need to breach the Weismann barrier as such to find such a mechanism. I always suspected that the barrier is more a genetic necessity than it would apply for the memetic side of the coin.

    There are always aspects " visible " in a son character that can be " traced " back to the kind of behavior of the father, aspects IMO that can 't be explained in a genetic way. You need time to do that and time is something you ain 't got...



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