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Date: Thu 28 Aug 2003 - 21:16:03 GMT

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    Boy, I hope it sounds a lot better in Dutch, it reads like it was written by a 6-year-old.
      The reason I am a conservative is because I was once a liberal, and saw 40 years of liberal policies trap people in an underclass of poverty and social stigma.
      People can grow out of poverty through education, work, and learning to be the center of their own change. There are some people - the physically and mentally disabled, who may need help forever, and they should get it.
      Now we have the Kyoto Protocol, which is designed along the same lines. It doesn't pretend to fix the problem it asserts as a crisis, it is just an expensive token effort that will keep more people poor while allowing the intellectually assertive among us to feel righteous.
      I won't go into the science behind it, which is like sitting on a heating pad and thinking you have a fever.
      Kyoto has already apparently killed thousands in France, as the French artificially tax energy in the name of Kyoto to the point that the old and the poor can't afford air conditioning, and die in temperatures lower than an Oklahoma summer day.
      The artificially high energy prices and artificial energy development restrictions are the crime of this (and the end of the last) century. The people who are hurt the most are the poor and the third world countries, who grow much more slowly into the affluence that awaits them.
      Many Oklahomans love to see the higher energy prices, it means they can drill for oil and gas in marginal areas. I don't wish anything bad for my neighbors, but then you are all my neighbors.
      I think we need a truce between left and right, and get on with helping the entire world. The right thinks the left are personally selfish, wanting the warm glow of seeming to help others while doing what is bad for them. The left thinks the right are selfish as a class, wanting to oppress and restrict the opportunities of others.
      If this is not the list for this sort of discussion, I beg the pardon of all.
      Brad Jensen

    Translated out of Dutch, by Kenneth Van Oost August 2003

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