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Date: Thu 28 Aug 2003 - 09:39:06 GMT

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    " Bush' Administration Manipulates Science "

        The government of the American president Bush manipulates science to support the interests of conservative Republicians and the interests of influence industrials. In a rapport laid down to the House of Representatives a group of Demo- crats claim that information about the efficient use of condoms is deli- berate left out of government information- sites about Public Health.

    The rhytm method is proposed to be more relible than she really is. Bush appoined an anti- abortionactivist to be chairman of the Commission which supervives the distribution of medication related to the human propagation.

    The conservative dictates woman with period pain to read in the Bible . In a commission which should help out children to avoid ledpoisoning, are people appointed who have strong connections with the ledindus- try, so claims Henry Waxman.

    Test results about the green house affect are spirit away because there is no ' scientific consensus ' about he phenomenon. Subsidy- requests for scientific research- projects are treated more slowly when words like ' homosexual ' are included.

    A spokesman of the White House denies those allegations. He says whatever the president does is in the interest of he people. ( AFP)

    Translated out of Dutch, by Kenneth Van Oost August 2003

    PS, Yesterday evening there was a live program on CNN about religion in the state of Alabama. What was the fuss about !?



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