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Date: Tue 26 Aug 2003 - 19:45:40 GMT

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    > There's probably not going to be enough of a genetic basis for these
    > ideational differences between the superstitious and academic to impact
    > gene pool that crafts future generations. We're all not very different in
    > potenetial, its just social influences that tend to pull us down different
    > pathways. The next Einstein could wind up a pulpit pounding preacher with
    > massive grasp of scripture instead of learning the requisite math and
    > physics.

    Yes, but I do think that memetic evolution and thus the fact of neo- Lamarc- kism is getting its grip on a more ' individual ' bias than upon the basis of species- gene- pool. Individuals can do so much more for having an impact. That religious thought and ideas are not handed down vertically across generations ( genetic- like) and thus here species- like is NOT to say that it can 't be done individualis- ticly_ that means from father to son in the understanding that the son is getting more prone for religion than he would be if his father wasn 't reli- gious at all.

    That a harsh selection regime for solidarity/ love/ positive thinking, etc should not influence genes which in turn should influence mental development in adaptive ways to continue such efforts is for me a fact that I can 't believe. For me, the fact that memes have influence_ and across generations is a potential fact that should be counted into the maths.

    Many times upon this list already I mentioned that maybe we're looking at the wrong markers_ that memetic evolution is NOT a matter of distinctive differences across generations ( traits and habits) but is more a matter of getting easy the message/ thoughts/ ideas and performances across. If indeed ideas are getting across in one way or another it is more likely that the model should choose the ' individual ', the same principle ( small units) was at work when, like you mentioned, we were gathering food on the savannah.


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