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    >Subject: Re: Freddy Krueger as social contagion (some spoiler content)
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    >Subject: Freddy Krueger as social contagion (some
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    > > OK, I broke down and watched the new _Freddy versus Jason_ movie
    > > pitting everybody's favorite childkiller Freddy Krueger (of _Nightmare
    > > on Elm Street_ fame) against everybody's favorite 80's slasher from
    > > Crystal Lake Jason (of _Friday the 13th_ fame). The movie wasn't as
    > > terrible as I expected. One rather nifty plot device was that Freddy
    > > had been long forgotten on Elm Street and had no power because he
    > > wasn't known or feared by anyone. The town's elder folk had managed to
    > > wipe Freddy from cultural memory and the high-schoolers were unaware
    > > of Elm Street's notoriously gruesome past. There was a cordon
    > > sanitaire around the Freddy contagion as any kids who had been exposed
    > > to knowledge of him years previously were placed in a mental
    > > institution and dosed up on an experimental drug that inhibits
    > > dreaming.
    > >
    > > Well Freddy has the bright idea of enlisting the aid of Jason to get
    > > his name mentioned on Elm Steet once again and regain power. So when
    > > Jason does his special slasher magic and kills people, it's assumed
    > > that Freddy is the culprit. Eventually people start mentioning his
    > > name and the high school kids become aware of the Freddy legend and
    > > his power increases. Now he's able to invade the high schooler's
    > > dreams. Thus Freddy comes back as a result of social contagion, with
    > > help of Jason. The rest of the movie had the obligatory gore and a
    > > smidgen of suspense (not much), but the 'Freddy as social contagion'
    > > plot device was rather nifty I thought.
    > >
    > > I was unfortunate enough to be subjected to a trailer for the upcoming
    > > remake(?) of the _Texas Chainsaw Massacre_. I imagine Leatherface will
    > > be making his comeback now on the coat tails of Freddy and Jason.
    > > Maybe eventually they will become a power trio.
    > >
    > > Every once in a while the horror genre makes a new gasp for air. _The
    > > Ring_ was a pretty decent movie with a sort of contagious plot device
    > > of its own, where a videotape must find victims, so some girl trapped
    > > in a well can exact revenge. Did the victims have the videotape or did
    > > the videotape have them?
    > >
    >The Ring has already been cyberaped in
    The American version of _The Ring_ was itself adapted from a Japanese movie. This Japanese original is available at my local videostore, so I might give it a try sometime.

    Another trailer I saw before _Freddy vs. Jason_ was for _Scary Movie 3_ which spoofs several recent movies, including _The Ring_. That should be worth watching for parody value, kinda like Weird Al doing his version of Nirvana, Coolio or Eminem.

    Parody movies are big. Look at the success of the _Airplane_ movies. Actually, _Freddy vs. Jason_ becomes a self-referential parody of itself, intentionally or not.

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