Re: Rapid gene shifts was Defining the word "replicator"

From: derek gatherer (
Date: Fri 08 Aug 2003 - 15:18:02 GMT

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     --- Keith Henson <> wrote: > At > I would have thought so too, but it seems that the
    > effects happen early
    > enough in life to cause a major shift in genotype
    > with respect to genes
    > contributing to diabetes. Perhaps it kills pregnant
    > women without treatment.

    Now that is amazing. Pity that Diamond doesn't hazard a guess as to what the selective factor could be - he just refers to it 'eliminating thrift-gene carriers'. I do wonder, though, about some of the 'lifestyle' factors, for instance Diamond says that British and German emigrants to the USA have 8% incidence as opposed to 2% in Europe, under 'similar lifestyles' - but my own subjective impression is that American and European eating habits are quite different.

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