Re: Corrected Erratum for technological bottlenecks and Movius line

From: Keith Henson (
Date: Tue 05 Aug 2003 - 03:49:38 GMT

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    At 12:05 AM 04/08/03 -0400, Scott wrote:

    >>From: Keith Henson <>


    >>It is a question we can eventually answer.
    >I wouldn't get too dogmatic about that. I really have red flags jump up
    >when I hear loss of function single gene mutations trumpeted as evidence
    >for a ready to go off the showroom floor gain of function mutation.


    I am not supporting one gene or 50 involved. Simply don't know. Was just saying that we are very likely to dig out the answer--eventually.

    >> We will get DNA from many of our remote ancestors with nanotech tools
    >> to really dig it out.
    >If the DNA no longer exists then what can be done?

    Current and rather crude techniques will pull out DNA from 50k year old bones. Unless they have been burned, in which case you don't get any.

    >>With proper simulation programs we can see what these folks were like in
    >>language skills or just grow enough of them to find out.
    >With simulation there's the GIGO problem and the latter assumption reminds
    >me of that Pauly Shore flick "Encino Man".

    I suspect that eventually we really will get that good at embryogenisus simulation programs. But what you really want is to raise a full
    (American) football team of Neanderthals.

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