Flash mobs

From: Douglas Brooker (dbrooker@clara.co.uk)
Date: Mon 04 Aug 2003 - 19:35:52 GMT

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    spreading rather rapidly

    here are a few links


    Flash mob http://www.guardian.co.uk/weblog/idx/0,6799,1010406,00.html

     August 4: The flash mob is coming to London. Flash mobs - or, you might uncharitably say, geek gatherings - are seemingly random meetings of people for a set period of time, arranged by email and text messages, a la Howard Rheingold's book Smart Mobs. The phenomenon began in New York but has spread to several other cities, including Rome, Sheffield, Phoenix, Arizona and Boston. Cue bemused articles from the likes of the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor and, ahem, the Guardian. Could flash mobs be a new form of political activism? The jury's still out.



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